Instagram is the new Twitter!

Instagram is becoming more and more popular each day now and is making other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter lose their users through their “photo-sharing wars.” Twitter even stopped allowing Instagram users to sync their twitter friends’ list with the service because of the competition between them now. Twitter even put a filter that would mimic Instagram’s features.

I don’t believe that there should be a competition between these social networks as each one of them is made for a different purpose. Twitter was created to allow users to express themselves openly in a quick and easy way, Facebook allows its users to connect with each other, while Instagram is made for taking fun pictures and editing them in a creative way. 

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How to make a YouTube video go viral!

Here is a video that talks about a way to get your YouTube video to go viral by paying for it. In my opinion, if someone is desperate to get noticed it would be a good idea. But if your laid back and relaxed, I think the right way to go viral is by earning it and not cheating.

Keek. What the heck is going on!?

Launched in March 2012, has grasped the attention of teens all over the world by introducing a concept cross between Youtube and Twitter, where the maximum length is about 30 seconds. Users have subscribers and/or followers; videos can be liked, favorite’d and commented on. It is very interactive and short to the point.

The speed at which a person gains an audience is astronomical. I couldn’t find the user when I came to make this post, however with only 4 Keeks (or video posts) she had 40,000+ followers and 10,000+ subscribers after 6 weeks of being on Keek. 

Some of the Keek’ers have a base of 500,000+ followers.

What makes it confusing and also interesting is the content of the videos. There isn’t any real content. The Keeks sometimes make no sense or have any meaning, but the users fall in love with the Keeker and subscribe and follow, and it continues to grow.

I only know that a large number of Keekers are very young (under 18), even as far 12. I also found a 12 year old with 100,000 followers. (!!!)

What the heck is going on?

How to Make a Meme That’ll Go Viral!

We have studied memes in this class, and it has always been fascinating to me how so many little words and how such basic illustrations or photographs can pack so many references and jokes. However, they seem to be most effective on the younger generation.

An award winning PR agency called Pelican PR compiled the following info graphic on how to create a meme with guaranteed success:

It seems, as we discussed in class, that babies and pets (especially cats) are the main ingredient for “cooking” a meme.

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is becoming a problem although there is much controversy revolving around it being an actual mental health disorder.
The symptoms are very similar to any other addictive disorder that they get endorphins from being online and when it isn’t available it is similar reactions to a substance abuser.

It has been proven to have an effect on the dopamine levels in the brain, proving that a chemical imbalance can occur in the individual when they are on or offline, which we discussed in class.

The article touches on recovery and management skills.

Social Networking: Sites vs Games

A Forbes review reflected over the idea that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will continue in existence without any issues because people simply do not usually leave one website for the other. Instead they have additional accounts sometimes even on their own websites which they divide between personal and business acquaintances.

What he expressed concern for just being a fad was the gaming realm of social media, when one newer edition preceeds an older one, or when gamers get hooked entirely on a new game, leaving their old favorite in the dust.

I wouldn’t assume social media is just a fad as people seem to be quite content with the new way of being constantly and instantly connected, but then again something better could come along and replace it entirely. That is the beauty of technology.

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Social Networking: Revolution or Fad?

There are many shocking facts about social networking websites that people may have never heard of. I had no idea that social networking websites were popular to the point where they use of them is being recognized as a “revolution” because of the mass amount of people online. For example, who would have thought Facebook reached over 200 million users in less than a year? or that Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears have more twitter followers than the entire population of Sweden?

This is a short video about many shocking and interesting statistics and facts about social networks, Internet and Internet users:

Is social networking a revolution? or is it just a phase people are going through? I think every person that has access to the Internet will most definitely participate on a social networking website of some sort. Even if you plan to go out with your friends, you’ll let them know through Twitter, Facebook or any modern means of communication. As explained in the video, “social media ins’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate”