Online Relationship Prank on famous Football Player!!


Manti te’o a college football player was pranked by a group pretending to be a girl. They faked her death, the same month his grandmother died, making Manti Te’o completely heartbroken. It encouraged his team and himself to become a great encouragement for the team to do great things this season. The girl, as Manti said, was the love of his life and have been in serious “ONLINE” relationship for years!

He is in line to with the Heisman trophy for his huge efforts this season. 

Turns out, the girlfriend was fake, and this week it is the hottest story in the US sports world; even more than the hottest story on Opera about Lance Armstrong cheating all these years with performance enhancing drugs.

Manti sticks to the story that he did not know she was fake and feels completely devastated to this hoax. His college believes his story and backs him up.

I find it a very interesting story on how real online relationships can be in real life. It could have been an excellent example to our research on online/offline relationships as well.